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Combat-Q 1.3

Combat-Q 1.3

Combat-Q Publisher's Description

A d20 System Licensed Product.

Combat-Q keeps track of when characters get to act during combat, as well as when their spells expire. This lets the Dungeon Master play the game and not shuffle through papers looking up initiative check results. Never hear the cry "Hey, I think you skipped my turn!" from a player again! Easily keep track of what spells are in play.

Version 1.3 Changes: Add features for keeping track of Player Characters and Summoned Creatures. Fix bugs.

Version 1.2 Changes: Combat-Q is now compatible with the new Dungeons and Dragons v.3.5 rules. But if you are still playing Third Edition D&D, you will have no problems using Combat-Q v1.2. New feature: allow editing character's or effect's name on the Current Combatant screen.

Version 1.1 Changes: Always display and allow editing of initiative check results on Overview screen, regardless of whether item is active or combat has started. Display initiative check results instead of initiative rolls on Roll Initiative screen. Add hotkey ("F") for Refocus Character menu button on Play screen. Several bugs fixed, including one that made Combat-Q reset the system if the database became corrupt.

What Combat-Q can do for you:

  • Quickly record initiative rolls made by players or Dungeon Master
  • Automatically calculate initiative check results from initiative rolls
  • Skip actions of unaware characters during surprise round
  • Handle Delay actions
  • Handle Ready actions
  • Handle Refocus actions
  • Remind when characters get partial actions because of surprise or readying
  • Easily handle mass carnage by removing characters from combat
  • Track combat round number, including surprise round when needed
  • Quickly create customized spells or other effects, like Barbarian Rage
  • Offer unique default names to minimize text entry
  • Quickly make up to 20 duplicates of any character/spell
  • Display overview screen for arbitrary editing of initiative check results
  • Back up data to desktop computer on HotSync
  • Follow standard Palm OS interface guidelines for easy learning curve
  • Offer lots of built-in help screens

For you D20 fans and programmers, the download includes, under the Open Gaming License, my C++ source code that implements an initiative list using a double-linked buffer data structure.

Requires the use of the Dungeons & Dragons(R) Player's Handbook, Third Edition, published by Wizards of the Coast, Inc. Dungeons & Dragons(R) and Wizards of the Coast(R) are registered trademarks of Wizards of the Coast, Inc., a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc., and are used with permission.

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